Interface CfnDBCluster.ServerlessV2ScalingConfigurationProperty

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@Stability(Stable) public static interface CfnDBCluster.ServerlessV2ScalingConfigurationProperty extends
The `ServerlessV2ScalingConfiguration` property type specifies the scaling configuration of an Aurora Serverless V2 DB cluster.

For more information, see Using Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 in the Amazon Aurora User Guide .

If you have an Aurora cluster, you must set the ScalingConfigurationInfo attribute before you add a DB instance that uses the db.serverless DB instance class. For more information, see Clusters that use Aurora Serverless v2 must have a capacity range specified in the Amazon Aurora User Guide .

This property is only supported for Aurora Serverless v2. For Aurora Serverless v1, use ScalingConfiguration property.


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 ServerlessV2ScalingConfigurationProperty serverlessV2ScalingConfigurationProperty = ServerlessV2ScalingConfigurationProperty.builder()