AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK)
Developer Guide (Version latest)

This documentation is for the developer preview release (public beta) of the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK). Releases might lack important features and might have future breaking changes.

Apps, Stacks, and Environments and Authentication

The main artifact of a AWS CDK program known as a CDK app. This is an executable program that you can use to synthesize deployment artifacts that supporting tools, such as the AWS CDK Toolkit, can deploy, as described in AWS CDK Command Line Interface (cdk).

Stacks are AWS CDK constructs that you can deploy into an AWS environment. The combination of AWS Region and account becomes the stack's environment. Most production apps consist of multiple stacks of resources that are deployed as a single transaction using a resource provisioning service such as AWS CloudFormation. Any resources added directly or indirectly as children of a stack are included in the stack's template when it is synthesized by your AWS CDK program.

Let's look at apps and stacks from the bottom up.


Define an application stack by extending the Stack class, as shown in the following example.

import cdk = require("@aws-cdk/cdk"); import s3 = require("@aws-cdk/aws-s3"); interface MyStackProps extends cdk.StackProps { enc: boolean; } export class MyStack extends cdk.Stack { constructor(scope: cdk.App, id: string, props: MyStackProps) { super(scope, id, props); if (props.enc) { new s3.Bucket(this, "MyGroovyBucket", { encryption: s3.BucketEncryption.KmsManaged }); } else { new s3.Bucket(this, "MyGroovyBucket"); } } }

Next we'll show you how to use one or more stacks to create a AWS CDK app.


An app is a collection of stack objects, as shown in the following example.

import cdk = require("@aws-cdk/cdk"); import { MyStack } from "../lib/MyApp-stack"; const app = new cdk.App(); new MyStack(app, "MyWestCdkStack", { env: { region: "us-west-2" }, enc: false }); new MyStack(app, "MyEastCdkStack", { env: { region: "us-east-1" }, enc: true });

Use the cdk ls command to list the stacks in this executable, as shown in the following example.


Use the cdk deploy command to deploy an individual stack.

cdk deploy MyWestCdkStack

Environments and Authentication

When you create a Stack instance, you can supply the target deployment environment for the stack using the env property, as described in Specifying Your Credentials and Region.

We recommend that you use the default environment for development stacks, and explicitly specify accounts and regions using the env property for production stacks.

You can always find the Region within which your stack is deployed by using the region property of the stack, as follows.


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