Creating an Amazon Chime SDK Voice Connector - Amazon Chime SDK

Creating an Amazon Chime SDK Voice Connector

You use the Amazon Chime SDK console to create Amazon Chime SDK Voice Connectors.

To create a Voice Connector
  1. Open the Amazon Chime SDK console at

  2. In the navigation pane, under SIP Trunking, choose Voice connectors.

  3. Choose Create new voice connector.

  4. Under Voice connector name, enter a name for the Voice Connector.

  5. Under Encryption, select Enabled or Disabled.

  6. (Optional) Under Tags, choose Add new tag, then do the following.

    1. Under Key, enter the tag's key.

    2. Under Value, enter the tag's value.

    3. As needed, choose Add new tag to add more tags to the Voice Connector.

    For more information about tags, refer to Adding tags to Voice Connectors.

  7. Choose Create Voice Connector.


Enabling encryption configures your Voice Connector to use TLS transport for SIP signaling and Secure RTP (SRTP) for media. Inbound calls use TLS transport, and unencrypted outbound calls are blocked.