Using AppInstanceBots as intelligent channel agents - Amazon Chime SDK

Using AppInstanceBots as intelligent channel agents

You can use AppInstanceBots as intelligent channel agents. The agents recognize key phrases sent via ChannelMessages by channel members. The bot's natural language understanding model resolves the messages. In turn, that allows one or more channel members to engage in a natural language dialog defined by the bot's model. You supply the bots, so you control the depth of dialog and integration with your enterprise systems.

  • Knowledge of basic Amazon Chime SDK functionality, such as creating AppInstanceUsers, managing channels, and sending and receiving messages.

  • The ability to invoke the Amazon Chime SDK Messaging APIs.

  • Knowledge of basic Amazon Lex V2 functionality, such as creating an Amazon Lex V2 Bot, modeling intents and slots, creating bot versions, aliases, using session state, and Lambda hook integration.


Use of Amazon Lex V2 is subject to the AWS Service Terms, including the terms specific to the AWS Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Services.