Understanding the call analytics statuses - Amazon Chime SDK

Understanding the call analytics statuses

Media insights pipelines track a set of statuses when you do one or both of the following:

  • Use multiple machine-learning processing elements, such as Amazon Transcribe and voice analytics.

  • Enable call recording with or without machine learning processing.

To get pipeline and element statuses, use the GetMediaPipeline API and EventBridge notifications.

To get statuses for voice analytics tasks, use the GetSpeakerSearchTask and GetVoiceToneAnalysisTask APIs, and voice analytics notification targets.

Media insights pipelines track the following statuses.

  • Pipeline status – The overall status of a call analytics pipeline, also known as a media insights pipeline. This is determined by the element statuses.

  • Element status – The processing status for the individual media insights pipeline configuration elements.

  • Task status – The processing status for a media insights pipeline task started for voice analytics. The VoiceAnalyticsProcessor element status is determined by the task statuses. No other element in a call analytics pipeline has a task status.

    For more information about media insights pipeline tasks, refer to Call analytics terminology, earlier in this guide.

Not all media insights configuration element types have element statuses. In general, only media insights configuration elements of the “processor” type have an element status. Also, the Amazon S3 recording and voice enhancement sinks have processor statuses. Specifically, element statuses exist for the following media insights configuration element types:

  • AmazonTranscribeProcessor

  • AmazonTranscribeCallAnalyticsProcessor

  • S3RecordingSink

  • VoiceAnalyticsProcessor

  • VoiceEnhancementSink

The pipeline status is determined by the element statuses as follows:

Pipeline status



All element statuses are not started.


At least one element is initializing and the rest are not started.


At least one element is in progress.


At least one element has failed and the remaining elements are stopped.


Refer to Managing call analytics pipelines for a complete list of stopping conditions.


All elements are stopped.


All elements are paused.

Unlike other element statuses, the VoiceAnalyticsProcessor element has a few nuances. As mentioned earlier, the VoiceAnalyticsProcessor element status, corresponding to the Amazon Chime SDK voice analytics feature, is determined by the task statuses created from StartSpeakerSearchTask and StartVoiceToneAnalysisTask.

  • The VoiceAnalyticsProcessor’s element status begins in a NotStarted state, because StartSpeakerSearchTask and StartVoiceToneAnalysisTask must be called before the element can change the status to Initializing, and then InProgress.

  • The VoiceAnalyticsProcessor stays InProgress as long as one task is started and a stop condition is not met while the task is running.

  • Even though the VoiceAnalyticsProcessor may be InProgress, you will only be charged for the duration that the tasks process.

  • To clean-up media insights pipelines that had at least one voice analytics task started and no more tasks running, you must call DeleteMediaPipeline.

  • As long as a task runs or completes successfully, the VoiceAnalyticsProcessor element status remains at InProgress.