Using APIs to create call analytics configurations. - Amazon Chime SDK

Using APIs to create call analytics configurations.

You can programmatically create Voice Connectors and call analytics configurations, and then associate them in order to start a call analytics workflow. This guide assumes that you know how to write the code.

The APIs that you use vary, depending on the type of workflow. For example, to record audio, you first call the CreateMediaInsightsPipelineConfiguration API to create a call analytics configuration. You then call the CreateVoiceConnector to create a Voice Connector. Finally, you associate the configuration with a Voice Connector by using the PutVoiceConnectorStreamingConfiguration API.

In contrast, to record audio with a Kinesis video stream producer, you call CreateMediaInsightsPipelineConfiguration, and then call the CreateMediaInsightsPipeline API.

For more information about using call analytics configurations to enable different workflows, refer to the workflows in Using call analytics configurations, later in this section.