JoinChimeMeeting - Amazon Chime SDK


Join an Amazon Chime SDK meeting by providing the attendee join token. To do this, you make AWS SDK calls to the CreateMeeting and CreateAttendee APIs to get the token and pass it on in the action. See the following example.


You can't run this action on a bridged call.

{ "Type": "JoinChimeMeeting", "Parameters": { "JoinToken": "meeting-attendee-join-token", "CallId": "call-id-1", "ParticipantTag": "LEG-A", "MeetingId": "meeting-id" } }

Description – A valid join token of the Amazon Chime SDK meeting attendee

Allowed values – Valid join token

Required – Yes

Default value – None


DescriptionCallId of participant in the CallDetails of the AWS Lambda function invocation

Allowed values – A valid call ID

Required – No

Default value – None


DescriptionParticipantTag of one of the connected participants in the CallDetails

Allowed valuesLEG-A

Required – No

Default valueParticipantTag of the invoked callLeg Ignored if you specify CallId


Description – A valid Amazon Chime SDK meeting ID associated with the JoinToken. If the meeting was created using an API in the Amazon Chime namespace, the meeting ID is not required. If the meeting was created using an API in the Amazon Chime SDK Meetings namespace, the meeting ID is required. The meeting is joined using the API endpoint used to create the meeting.

Allowed values – A valid meeting ID.

Required – No.

Default value – None.

The SIP media application always invokes an AWS Lambda function after running this action. It returns either the ACTION_SUCCESSFUL or ACTION_FAILED invocation event types. The following example shows a successful invocation event structure.

{ "SchemaVersion": "1.0", "Sequence": 4, "InvocationEvent": "ACTION_SUCCESSFUL", "ActionData": { "Type": "JoinChimeMeeting", "Parameters": { "JoinToken": "meeting-attendee-join-token", "CallId": "call-id-1" "ParticipantTag": "LEG-A" } } "CallDetails": { ... } }
Error handling

When a validation error occurs while bridging a meeting, the SIP application calls its AWS Lambda function with one of the error messages shown in the following table.

Error Message Reason


JoinToken parameter value is invalid.

Any of the action's other parameters is invalid or missing.


System error while running action.

Another type of system error occurred while running the action.

The following example shows a typical failure event.

{ "SchemaVersion": "1.0", "Sequence": 3, "InvocationEvent": "ACTION_FAILED", "ActionData": { "Type": "JoinChimeMeeting", "Parameters": { "JoinToken": "meeting-attendee-join-token", "CallId": "call-id-1", "ParticipantTag": "LEG-A" }, "Error": "ErrorJoiningMeeting: Error while joining meeting." } "CallDetails": { ... } }

See a working example on GitHub: