Amazon Chime
Administration Guide

Step 3: Add Users to Your Amazon Chime Account

After you create an Amazon Chime account, you can add yourself and other users to the account. You are not charged for invited users. You incur charges after a user accepts an invitation and registers.


When you add a user to your Amazon Chime account, their 30-day trial ends. By default, users have Pro permissions and can host scheduled meetings. To restrict the ability to host meetings, change the user’s permission to Basic.

If you plan to upgrade your account to an enterprise account, there is no need to invite users through the administration console. Instead, claim your domains. Any users that register with your claimed domain become part of your account. For more information about claiming your first domain and becoming an enterprise account, see Claim a Domain.

To add users to your Amazon Chime account

  1. Open the Amazon Chime console at

  2. On the Accounts page, select the name of your account.

  3. On the Users page, enter user email addresses and choose Invite users.

  4. The user receives an email invitation to join the Amazon Chime team that you created.

  5. After a user chooses Accept in the email invitation, they are assigned Amazon Chime Pro permissions by default.

    • If the user has already signed up for an Amazon Chime account with their work email address, they are granted the assigned permissions and can continue to use that account.

    • If the user hasn't downloaded the Amazon Chime client app (this can be done at any time), they can choose Download Amazon Chime to download it and sign in if they have an account. If they don't have an account, they can register to create one. For more information, see Step 2: Create an Amazon Chime Account.

  6. Repeat steps 1–5 for all users to invite, including yourself.