Provisioning phone numbers - Amazon Chime

Provisioning phone numbers

Use the Amazon Chime console to provision phone numbers for your Amazon Chime account. Choose from the following approaches:

  • Amazon Chime Business Calling – Provision and assign phone numbers to your existing Amazon Chime users.

  • Amazon Chime Voice Connectors – Integrate with an existing phone system. For more information, see Managing Amazon Chime Voice Connectors.

  • Amazon Chime SIP media applications – Integrate with Amazon Chime SDK meetings. For more information, see Managing SIP media applications and rules.

When provisioning completes, the phone numbers appear in your Inventory, and you can assign them to individual users. After you create an Amazon Chime Voice Connector, you can assign phone numbers to it as well. For more information, see Creating an Amazon Chime Voice Connector.

To provision phone numbers


You only follow these steps for countries that do not have identification requirements. For information about provisioning phone numbers in countries with identification requirements, see Requesting international phone numbers.

  1. Open the Amazon Chime console at

  2. For Calling, choose Phone number management.

  3. Choose Orders, Provision phone numbers.

  4. Select Business Calling, Voice Connector, or SIP Media Application Dial-In, then choose Next.

  5. Search for available phone numbers by country and other location options. Select the phone numbers that you want, then choose Provision.

The phone numbers appear in your Orders and Pending lists while the provisioning occurs.