Proxy phone sessions - Amazon Chime

You must have the Amazon Chime system administrator role to complete the steps in this guide. If you need help with the Amazon Chime desktop client, web app, or mobile app, see Getting support in the Amazon Chime User Guide.

Proxy phone sessions

You can use the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), Amazon Chime API, or AWS SDK to create proxy phone sessions for use with Amazon Chime Voice Connectors. Proxy phone sessions allow participants to call or send text messages to each other without revealing private phone numbers.

Creating proxy phone sessions requires the following:

  • The ability to program.

  • An AWS account.

  • An AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role that grants permission to access the Amazon Chime API actions used to create proxy phone sessions, such as the following:

    • chime:CreateProxySession

    • chime:DeleteProxySession

    • chime:DeleteVoiceConnectorProxy

    • chime:GetProxySession

    • chime:GetVoiceConnectorProxy

    • chime:ListProxySessions

    • chime:PutVoiceConnectorProxy

    • chime:UpdateProxySession

    For more information, see Amazon Chime identity-based policies.

  • An Amazon Chime Voice Connector created by an Amazon Chime account administrator. For more information, see Managing Amazon Chime Voice Connectors.

The following procedure demonstrates how to create a proxy phone session.

To create a proxy phone session
  1. Use the PutVoiceConnectorProxy action in the Amazon Chime API Reference to configure the Amazon Chime Voice Connector for the proxy phone session.

  2. Use the CreateProxySession action in the Amazon Chime API Reference to create the proxy phone session.

For more information about the available Amazon Chime API actions for proxy phone sessions, see the Amazon Chime API Reference.