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Administration Guide

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With Amazon Chime usage-based pricing, you only pay for users that host meetings, on the days that the meetings are hosted. Meeting attendees and chat users are not charged. For more information on pricing and how to upgrade to Pro, see Plans and pricing.

With Pro permissions, users can act as meeting hosts. You are only charged for a user if they host a meeting that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The meeting is scheduled.

  • The meeting includes more than two attendees.

  • The meeting is recorded.

  • Meeting attendees join using a dial-in or in-room video system.

When a user is assigned Pro permissions, they can access the schedule meeting assistant and start instant meetings from the Amazon Chime Meetings menu. They also have access to the Amazon Chime for Outlook add-in for Windows.

In addition to VoIP, attendees can join meetings started by a Pro user using either dial-in or in-room video systems.

Assigning a user Basic permissions prevents them from hosting meetings. Basic users are free, and can attend meetings, receive auto-calls when meetings start, and use all chat and chat room features.