Amazon Chime
Administration Guide

Setting Up Amazon Chime on Dolby Voice Room

If you manage small or medium-size conference rooms and want your users to join meetings conveniently, Amazon Chime offers a native or first-party meeting experience on Dolby Voice Room audio and video conferencing hardware. When Dolby Voice Room is enabled with Amazon Chime, users can join an Amazon Chime meeting quickly from a conference room. When Alexa for Business is enabled, meeting attendees can ask Alexa to join a meeting. In-room calendar integration lets attendees quickly select a meeting with a single tap. When Amazon Chime Business Calling is enabled, you can associate a phone number with the device to use to receive inbound and place outbound calls.

To ensure a seamless out-of-box experience, go to to learn how to order Dolby Voice Room systems from Dolby partners.