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Amazon Chime Chat Bots

Developers can use the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), Amazon Chime API, or AWS SDK to integrate chat bots with Amazon Chime. Chat bots let you use the power of Amazon Lex, AWS Lambda, and other AWS services to streamline common tasks with intelligent conversational interfaces that are accessible to users in Amazon Chime chat rooms.

If you're an Amazon Chime Enterprise account administrator, you can use chat bots to allow users to perform such tasks as:

  • Querying their internal systems for information.

  • Automating tasks.

  • Receiving notifications for critical issues.

  • Creating support tickets.

For more information about Amazon Chime Enterprise accounts, see Managing Your Amazon Chime Accounts in the Amazon Chime Administrator Guide.

If you administer an Amazon Chime Enterprise account, you can create up to 10 chat bots for integration with Amazon Chime. Chat bots can be used only in chat rooms created by members of your account. Only chat room administrators can add chat bots to a chat room. After a chat bot is added to a chat room, members of the chat room can interact with the bot using commands provided by the bot creator. For more information, see Using Chat Bots in the Amazon Chime User Guide.

Linux and macOS users can build a sample custom chat bot. For more information, see Build custom chat bots for Amazon Chime.