Amazon Chime
User Guide

Create an Amazon Chime Account

To join a Amazon Chime team, first download Amazon Chime and create an account. Then you can set a personalized meeting link, add contacts, and start to schedule meetings.

Download Amazon Chime

To begin, first download and install the Amazon Chime client from, or access the Amazon Chime web client at

Create an Amazon Chime Account

Use the following steps to create your Amazon Chime account.

To create an Amazon Chime account

  1. Launch the Amazon Chime app, choose Sign in / Sign up, and enter your work email address .

  2. Choose Login with Amazon, Create a new Amazon account.

  3. Enter your name and work email address, set a strong password, and choose Create your Amazon account.

  4. Choose I agree to grant access for your Amazon account to be used with Amazon Chime, check your email, and choose Verify Me.

  5. If want to install Amazon Chime on other mobile or desktop devices, repeat the steps above and use the same log-in credentials. All of your devices are synced together.

You can create a personalized meeting link to create a friendly name for your meeting.

To set a personalized link

  1. In the upper-left corner, choose Add Personalized Link.

  2. Enter the name of your personalized link and choose Save.

Add Contacts

Use the following steps to add a contact in Windows or macOS.

To add contacts

  1. At the top of the Amazon Chime window, choose Add Contact.

  2. Enter the email address of the colleague to collaborate with.

  3. Choose Add Contact.

  4. If the colleague has created an Amazon Chime account using the email address that you entered, they are added to your contacts. To view your contacts, choose Message at the top of the Amazon Chime window.

    If the colleague has not yet created an Amazon Chime account, they receive an invite.

Schedule Meetings

For information about how to start scheduling meetings, see Schedule Meetings Using Amazon Chime.