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Using the Amazon Chime roster

The Amazon Chime meeting roster gives you visibility into who is on the call, running late, using video, muting, and more. Users appear in the list of attendees after they join, and users that were invited but haven't joined yet appear in the Invited section. Users that are running late appear under Running Late, and users that leave appear under Left. Users whose connections have dropped appear in the Dropped section.

If you are an authenticated user, you can mute other attendees from the roster, or unmute attendees who have joined from a phone or an in-room video system. If another attendee is signed into the application, you can message them directly instead of using the meeting chat, which is seen by all attendees. Choose or right-click an individual user to mute or message them directly.

To hide the meeting roster during a meeting, choose >> next to the meeting roster pane. To reopen the meeting roster, choose <<.

If you are the meeting host or delegate, you can also remove individual attendees from the meeting when using the Windows or macOS Amazon Chime clients.

The following indicators provide more information about each user in the roster:

  • Display names

    • Authenticated users are listed on the roster with the name they have associated with their Amazon Chime profile.

    • Display names appear in brackets for users who have entered a name, dialed in, or joined without signing into an Amazon Chime app. For example, <Jane> or <+15555550100>.

  • Audio icons

    • Speaker icon – The attendee is using VoIP.

    • Telephone icon – The attendee is using dial-in or the Amazon Chime call me feature.

    • Amazon Echo icon – The attendee is using Alexa for Business.

    • No audio icon – The attendee joined without their microphone and speaker enabled, and is probably using a different audio source, such as shared in a room, dial-in, or in-room video.

    • Gray audio icon – The attendee is muted.

    • Red audio icon – The attendee's connection is weak.

  • Attendee statuses

    • Present – The attendee is in the meeting.

    • Invited – The attendee has been invited but has not joined yet.

    • Declined – The attendee selected Decline on the Join screen.

    • Running late – The attendee selected Running late on the Join screen.

    • Dropped – The attendee was attending the meeting and their connection dropped.

    • Left – The attendee was attending the meeting and chose to leave.

  • Screen share icons

    • Screen icon – The attendee is sharing their screen.

    • Eye icon – The attendee is viewing the screen share in the Amazon Chime app or web screen viewer.

  • Video icons

    • Video camera icon – The attendee has their webcam enabled.

    • Video tiles – A maximum of 16 tiles are displayed on a first-come basis.


      Meeting attendees can view video tiles without enabling their webcam.