Amazon Chime
User Guide

Scheduling Best Practices

No matter which app you schedule your meeting from, here are some helpful tips to follow when setting up meetings.

When you create an account with Amazon Chime, you receive a 10-digit Personal Meeting ID. To make it easier for attendees to join your meetings, you can create a personalized link by choosing Add Personalized Link under your name.

Create a name that is easy for people to associate with you, like your email address prefix or your name. The name must be at least 12 alpha-numeric characters or longer (special characters are not included in the character count). Amazon Chime makes sure it’s unique in the system, and automatically adds it to your meeting instructions.

Helping Mobile Users Join Your Meeting

When inviting mobile users to your meeting, copy and paste the One-click Mobile Dial-in into the Location field of your meeting invite. When the calendar reminder appears for the meeting on their mobile devices, they can choose the string to dial in automatically and enter the Personal Meeting ID.

Enabling or Disabling Auto-call

When your meeting starts, Amazon Chime can call every attendee automatically on all registered devices with Auto-call. You and your attendees don’t have to watch the calendar to join the meeting.

To enable Auto-call, make sure that is invited to your meeting.

To avoid having everyone’s devices ring at the same time (for example, if everyone is in the same office), remove from the invitee list. You can also remove if your attendees would rather just open the invite and choose the meeting link,

Inviting a Distribution List

If you have a weekly or monthly meeting with a large team or department, and you don't want to invite individual users one-by-one, schedule the meeting with, then delete

Attendees can open the meeting link in the instructions, choose Meetings, Join a Meeting, and enter the PIN manually.

Use caution when using distribution lists with To have Amazon Chime initiate the call, you must list individual users.

Changing Meeting Details

When changing meeting details or adding to an existing meeting, remember to choose Send Updates to All.