Choosing a meeting type - Amazon Chime

Choosing a meeting type

The following meeting types are available when scheduling an Amazon Chime meeting:

  • Generate a new ID – This option generates a new, unique meeting ID that can be used for individual or recurring meetings that you host. There is no limit to the number of unique IDs that can be associated with your Amazon Chime account. Using a unique meeting ID provides meeting attendees with instructions that are specific to joining the meeting or meeting series. This helps prevent back-to-back meetings from merging if one runs overtime. This type of meeting is ideal for external, confidential, overlapping, and back-to-back meetings.

  • Generate a new ID and require moderator to start – This option generates a new, unique meeting ID for a moderated meeting, and prompts you to assign a 4-8 digit moderator passcode to the meeting ID. Moderated meetings start only when a moderator joins by entering the moderator passcode. Moderators are also granted host controls. Meeting hosts and delegates who are signed in to their Amazon Chime client when they join the meeting are recognized as meeting moderators by default. When joining over the phone or an in-room video system, hosts and delegates can join as moderators by entering their 13-digit meeting ID. For more information, see Scheduling a moderated meeting.

  • My personal meeting ID – This option generates meeting instructions using the personal meeting ID assigned to you when you registered for Amazon Chime. It is recommended for internal meetings and can be used for individual or recurring meetings. If you have set up a personalized meeting link, it is included in the meeting instructions sent to your meeting attendees. For more information, see Setting a personalized meeting link. This type of meeting starts as soon as anyone joins. Because this meeting type is more open, it should not be used for confidential or back-to-back meetings. To limit access to your meeting, select one of the preceding meeting types.

Attendees from your company and invited attendees who are signed in can always join your meetings. Invited attendees must sign in to Amazon Chime using the email address in the meeting invite. Also, you must invite to your meeting. For more information, see Using auto-call.

You can choose whether to allow other external attendees to join your meetings, also. Select one or more of the following attendee access options:

  • Attendees outside of my company who are signed in – Allows external attendees to join your meeting, but only if they are signed in to Amazon Chime.

  • Anyone with the meeting ID – Allows anyone to join your meeting if they have the meeting ID. This option allows attendees without registered Amazon Chime accounts to join.

  • In-room video systems – Allows any in-room video system to join your meeting if the attendee has the meeting ID.

  • Dial-in – Allows anyone to dial in and join your meeting if they have the meeting ID.