Requesting desktop control - Amazon Chime

Requesting desktop control

Requesting desktop control can be useful for demonstration or troubleshooting purposes. If you want to take control of another attendee's desktop, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Both you and the other attendee must be using the Amazon Chime desktop client for Windows or macOS.

  • The other attendee must share their entire desktop instead of only a window.

For more information about screen sharing, see Sharing your screen during an Amazon Chime meeting.

To request desktop control

  1. The other user shares their entire desktop instead of only a window.

  2. Choose Share, Request Shared Control.

  3. The other user chooses Allow to allow shared control. The gold band around the desktop turns red, and cursors of both users are labeled.

  4. To end the shared session, the viewer or the sharer chooses End.