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Retrieves a DataSource object.

See also: AWS API Documentation

See 'aws help' for descriptions of global parameters.


--api-id <value>
--name <value>
[--cli-input-json <value>]
[--generate-cli-skeleton <value>]


--api-id (string)


--name (string)

The name of the data source.

--cli-input-json (string) Performs service operation based on the JSON string provided. The JSON string follows the format provided by --generate-cli-skeleton. If other arguments are provided on the command line, the CLI values will override the JSON-provided values.

--generate-cli-skeleton (string) Prints a JSON skeleton to standard output without sending an API request. If provided with no value or the value input, prints a sample input JSON that can be used as an argument for --cli-input-json. If provided with the value output, it validates the command inputs and returns a sample output JSON for that command.

See 'aws help' for descriptions of global parameters.


dataSource -> (structure)

The DataSource object.

dataSourceArn -> (string)

The data source ARN.

name -> (string)

The name of the data source.

description -> (string)

The description of the data source.

type -> (string)

The type of the data source.

  • AMAZON_DYNAMODB : The data source is an Amazon DynamoDB table.
  • AMAZON_ELASTICSEARCH : The data source is an Amazon Elasticsearch Service domain.
  • AWS_LAMBDA : The data source is an AWS Lambda function.
  • NONE : There is no data source. This type is used when the required information can be computed on the fly without connecting to a back-end data source.

serviceRoleArn -> (string)

The IAM service role ARN for the data source. The system assumes this role when accessing the data source.

dynamodbConfig -> (structure)

DynamoDB settings.

tableName -> (string)

The table name.

awsRegion -> (string)

The AWS region.

useCallerCredentials -> (boolean)

Set to TRUE to use Amazon Cognito credentials with this data source.

lambdaConfig -> (structure)

Lambda settings.

lambdaFunctionArn -> (string)

The ARN for the Lambda function.

elasticsearchConfig -> (structure)

Amazon Elasticsearch settings.

endpoint -> (string)

The endpoint.

awsRegion -> (string)

The AWS region.