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A complex type that contains changes to an existing service.



A description for the service.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Maximum length of 1024.

Required: No


A complex type that contains information about the Route 53 DNS records that you want AWS Cloud Map to create when you register an instance.

Type: DnsConfigChange object

Required: Yes


Public DNS and HTTP namespaces only. A complex type that contains settings for an optional health check. If you specify settings for a health check, AWS Cloud Map associates the health check with the records that you specify in DnsConfig.


If you specify a health check configuration, you can specify either HealthCheckCustomConfig or HealthCheckConfig but not both.

Health checks are basic Route 53 health checks that monitor an AWS endpoint. For information about pricing for health checks, see Amazon Route 53 Pricing.

Note the following about configuring health checks.

A and AAAA records

If DnsConfig includes configurations for both A and AAAA records, AWS Cloud Map creates a health check that uses the IPv4 address to check the health of the resource. If the endpoint that is specified by the IPv4 address is unhealthy, Route 53 considers both the A and AAAA records to be unhealthy.

CNAME records

You can't specify settings for HealthCheckConfig when the DNSConfig includes CNAME for the value of Type. If you do, the CreateService request will fail with an InvalidInput error.

Request interval

A Route 53 health checker in each health-checking region sends a health check request to an endpoint every 30 seconds. On average, your endpoint receives a health check request about every two seconds. However, health checkers don't coordinate with one another, so you'll sometimes see several requests per second followed by a few seconds with no health checks at all.

Health checking regions

Health checkers perform checks from all Route 53 health-checking regions. For a list of the current regions, see Regions.

Alias records

When you register an instance, if you include the AWS_ALIAS_DNS_NAME attribute, AWS Cloud Map creates a Route 53 alias record. Note the following:

  • Route 53 automatically sets EvaluateTargetHealth to true for alias records. When EvaluateTargetHealth is true, the alias record inherits the health of the referenced AWS resource. such as an ELB load balancer. For more information, see EvaluateTargetHealth.

  • If you include HealthCheckConfig and then use the service to register an instance that creates an alias record, Route 53 doesn't create the health check.

Charges for health checks

Health checks are basic Route 53 health checks that monitor an AWS endpoint. For information about pricing for health checks, see Amazon Route 53 Pricing.

Type: HealthCheckConfig object

Required: No

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