Working with AWS CloudFormation stacks using AWS Toolkit - AWS Cloud9

Working with AWS CloudFormation stacks using AWS Toolkit

The AWS Toolkit provides support for AWS CloudFormation stacks. Using the AWS Toolkit, you can delete an AWS CloudFormation stack.

Deleting AWS CloudFormation stacks

You can use the AWS Toolkit to view and delete AWS CloudFormation stacks.


  • Ensure that the credentials you're using in the AWS Cloud9 environment include appropriate read/write access to the AWS CloudFormation service. If in the AWS Explorer, under CloudFormation, you see a message similar to "Error loading CloudFormation resources," check the permissions attached to those credentials. Changes that you make to permissions take a few minutes to affect the AWS Explorer.

To delete an AWS CloudFormation stack

  1. In the AWS Explorer, open the context (right-click) menu of the AWS CloudFormation stack you want to delete.

  2. Choose Delete CloudFormation Stack.

  3. In the message that appears, choose Yes to confirm the delete.

After the stack is deleted, it's no longer listed in the AWS Explorer.