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Inbound SSH IP address ranges for AWS Cloud9

You can restrict incoming traffic to only the IP address ranges that AWS Cloud9 uses to connect over SSH to AWS cloud compute instances (for example Amazon EC2 instances) in an Amazon VPC or your own servers in your network.


For an EC2 environment created on or after July 31 2018, you can skip this topic. This is because AWS Cloud9 automatically restricts inbound SSH traffic for that environment to only those IP addresses that are described later in this topic. AWS Cloud9 does this by automatically adding a rule to the security group that's associated with the Amazon EC2 instance for the environment. This rule restricts inbound SSH traffic over port 22 to only those IP addresses for the associated AWS Region.

IP address ranges for most AWS Regions are in the ip-ranges.json file, as described in AWS IP Address Ranges in the AWS General Reference.


See below for IP address ranges for the Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), Europe (Milan), and Middle East (Bahrain) Regions thataren't currently included in the ip-ranges.json file.

To find the IP ranges in the ip-ranges.json file:

  • For Windows, using the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell, run the following command.

    Get-AWSPublicIpAddressRange -ServiceKey CLOUD9
  • For Linux, download the ip-ranges.json file. Then, you can query it by using a tool such as jq by running the following command.

    jq '.prefixes[] | select(.service=="CLOUD9")' < ip-ranges.json

These IP ranges might change occasionally. Whenever there's a change, we send notifications to subscribers of the AmazonIpSpaceChanged topic. To get these notifications, see AWS IP Address Ranges Notifications in the AWS General Reference.

To use these IP address ranges when configuring environments that use AWS cloud compute instances, see VPC settings for AWS Cloud9 Development Environments. Also, if you choose to restrict incoming traffic for EC2 environments, or for SSH environments associated with Amazon EC2 instances that are running Amazon Linux or Ubuntu Server, be sure to also allow at minimum all IP addresses using TCP over ports 32768-61000. For more information, and port ranges for other AWS cloud compute instance types, see Ephemeral ports in the Amazon VPC User Guide.

To use these IP address ranges when configuring SSH environments that use your own network, see the documentation for your network or your network administrator.

IP addresses not in ip-ranges.json

AWS Cloud9 IP address ranges for the following AWS Regions aren't currently provided in the ip-ranges.json file: Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), Europe (Milan), and Middle East (Bahrain). The following table lists the IP ranges for those Regions.


Each Region has two IP address ranges to support the AWS Cloud9 control plane (information routing) and data plane (information processing) services.

AWS Region Code IP ranges (CIDR notation)

Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)


Europe (Milan)


Middle East (Bahrain)