Setting up AWS Cloud9 - AWS Cloud9

Setting up AWS Cloud9

To start using AWS Cloud9, follow one of these sets of procedures, depending on how you plan to use AWS Cloud9.

Usage pattern Follow these procedures

I am the only individual using my AWS account, and I am not a student.

Individual User Setup

I belong to a team that has multiple users within a single AWS account.

Team Setup

I belong to an enterprise that has one or more AWS accounts within a single organization.

Enterprise Setup

I am a student1, and I am the only individual using my account with AWS.

Individual Student Setup

I am an educator1, and I want my students to work together in a virtual classroom.

Classroom Setup

1 To learn about who qualifies as a student or educator, see Who can join AWS Educate on the AWS Educate Frequently Asked Questions website.

For general information about AWS Cloud9, see What Is AWS Cloud9?.