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Using AWS Starter Account for AWS Cloud9

Students invited by their educator to join AWS Educate can receive an AWS Educate Starter Account, which offers students no-cost access to a specified, capped amount of AWS cloud resources without requiring a credit card for payment. The account provides access to most AWS Cloud services but does not allow for post-graduation portability.

Educators must first sign up as an AWS Educate member. They then have the ability to invite their students through several tools that streamline the approval process within their educator portal.

For more information see the AWS Educate Frequently Asked Questions.

Use an AWS Educate Starter Account to sign in to the AWS Cloud9 console

  1. Go to the AWS Educate Site Login website, at

  2. Enter the email address and password that you use to sign in to your AWS Educate Student Portal, and then choose Sign In.

  3. Select AWS Account from the top navigation banner.

  4. Select AWS Educate Starter Account.


    If this is your first time logging in, select Create Starter Account to activate your AWS Educate Starter Account, and then select AWS Educate Starter Account.

    First-time users of the AWS Educate Starter Account also need to agree to the Vocareum terms and conditions.

  5. Choose AWS Console.

  6. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Cloud9, if it's already displayed.

    • Expand All services, and then choose Cloud9.

    • In the Find services box, type Cloud9, and then press Enter.

    • In the AWS navigation bar, choose Services, and then choose Cloud9.

You can now start using AWS Cloud9. Go to Next Steps.

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