Step 5: Add AWS SDK code - AWS Cloud9

Step 5: Add AWS SDK code

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In this step, you provide code to interact with Amazon S3. This code creates a bucket, lists your available buckets, and then deletes the bucket that was created. (You will run this code in the next step.)

In the AWS Cloud9 IDE, create a file with the following code and save the file with the name s3.rb.

require "aws-sdk" # Replace us-west-2 with the AWS Region you're using for Amazon S3. if ARGV.length < 2 puts "Usage: ruby s3.rb <the bucket name> <the AWS Region to use>\n" + "Example: ruby s3.rb my-test-bucket us-west-2" end bucket_name = ARGV[0] region = ARGV[1] s3 = region) # Lists all of your available buckets in this AWS Region. def list_my_buckets(s3) resp = s3.list_buckets puts "My buckets now are:\n\n" resp.buckets.each do |bucket| puts end end list_my_buckets(s3) # Create a new bucket. begin puts "\nCreating a new bucket named '#{bucket_name}'...\n\n" s3.create_bucket({ bucket: bucket_name, create_bucket_configuration: { location_constraint: region } }) s3.wait_until(:bucket_exists, {bucket: bucket_name, }) rescue Aws::S3::Errors::BucketAlreadyExists puts "Cannot create the bucket. " + "A bucket with the name '#{bucket_name}' already exists. Exiting." exit(false) end list_my_buckets(s3) # Delete the bucket you just created. puts "\nDeleting the bucket named '#{bucket_name}'...\n\n" s3.delete_bucket(bucket: bucket_name) s3.wait_until(:bucket_not_exists, {bucket: bucket_name, }) list_my_buckets(s3)

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