Step 6: Run the AWS SDK code - AWS Cloud9

Step 6: Run the AWS SDK code

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  1. In the AWS Cloud9 IDE, on the menu bar, choose Run, Run Configurations, New Run Configuration.

  2. In the [New] - Idle tab, choose Runner: Auto, and then choose Ruby.

  3. For Command, type s3.rb YOUR_BUCKET_NAME THE_AWS_REGION, where:

    • YOUR_BUCKET_NAME is the name of the bucket you want to create and then delete.

      Amazon S3 bucket names must be globally unique across AWS, not just within your AWS account.

    • THE_AWS_REGION is the ID of the AWS Region you want to create the bucket in.

      For example, for the US East (Ohio) Region, use us-east-2. For more IDs, see Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.

  4. Choose the Run button. Your output should be similar to the following.

    My buckets now are: Creating a new bucket named 'my-test-bucket'... My buckets now are: my-test-bucket Deleting the bucket named 'my-test-bucket'... My buckets now are:

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