Amazon Cloud Directory
Developer Guide

Create an Amazon Cloud Directory

Before you can create a directory in Amazon Cloud Directory, AWS Directory Service requires that you first apply a schema to it. A directory cannot be created without a schema and typically has one schema applied to it. However, you use Cloud Directory API operations to apply additional schemas to a directory. For more information, see ApplySchema in the Amazon Cloud Directory API Reference Guide.

To create a Cloud Directory

  1. In the AWS Directory Service console navigation pane, select Directories and choose Set up directory.

  2. Choose Amazon Cloud Directory.

  3. For Name, type the friendly name of your directory, such as User Repository.

  4. Under Choose or add a new schema, choose a sample schema from the list or choose Upload new schema (JSON) to upload a custom schema, and then choose Next. Currently, Cloud Directory provides the following Sample Schemas:

    • Organization

    • Person (User)

    • Device

    Sample schemas and newly uploaded schemas are placed in the In Development state, by default. For more information about schema states, see Schema Lifecycle. Before a schema can be applied to a directory, it must be converted into the Published state.

    To successfully publish an AWS sample schema using the console, you must have permissions to the following actions:

    • clouddirectory:Get*

    • clouddirectory:List*

    • clouddirectory:CreateSchema

    • clouddirectory:CreateDirectory

    • clouddirectory:PutSchemaFromJson

    • clouddirectory:PublishSchema

    • clouddirectory:DeleteSchema

    Since sample schemas are read-only templates provided by AWS, they cannot be published directly. Instead, when you choose to create a directory based on a sample schema, the console creates a temporary copy of the sample schema you selected and places it in the In Development state. It then creates a copy of that development schema and places it in the Published state. Once published, the development schema is deleted, which is why the DeleteSchema action is necessary when publishing a sample schema.

  5. Review the directory information and make any necessary changes. When the information is correct, choose Launch.