Schema - Amazon Cloud Directory


A schema is a collection of facets that define what objects can be created in a directory and how they are organized. A schema also enforces data integrity and interoperability. A single schema can be applied to more than one directory at a time. For more information, see Schemas.


A facet is a collection of attributes, constraints, and links defined within a schema. Combined together, facets define the objects in a directory. For example, Person and Device can be facets to define corporate employees with association of multiple devices. For more information, see Facets.

Managed Schemas

A schema provided to make it easier to quickly develop and maintain your applications. For more information, see Managed Schema.

Sample Schemas

The set of sample schemas provided by default in the AWS Directory Service console. For example, Person, Organization, and Device are all sample schemas. For more information, see Sample Schemas.

Custom Schemas

One or more schemas defined by a user that can be uploaded from the Schemas section or during the Cloud Directory creation process of the AWS Directory Service console, or created by API calls.