CloudFormation Command Line Interface
User Guide for Type Development

Setting Up Your Environment for Developing Resource Providers

Before you can develop resource providers, you'll need to set up your developer environment, including the CloudFormation CLI.

Currently, add-ins are available for the following languages:

  • Java

Or, if you're using another language, you can install the CloudFormation CLI directly.

Setting Up Your Java Environment (macOS)


In addition, the code generated by the CloudFormation CLI uses Lombok, which requires support in IDEs for some syntax highlighting to work. For the best development experience, it is recommended you install Lombok support in your IDE.

To Set Up Your Java Environment (macOS)

Complete the following steps to install and configure the tools needed to develop resource providers using Java.

  1. Install Homebrew

    First, install Homebrew, an open-source package manager for macOS. You'll use Homebrew to install additional development requirements.

  2. Next, use Homebrew to install Maven, Python, and the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI).

    $ brew update $ brew install maven python awscli
  3. Install the CloudFormation CLI using the following command:

    pip install cloudformation-cli
  4. Install the Java Plug-in for CloudFormation CLI using the following command:

    pip install cloudformation-cli-java-plugin