LambdaFunctionAssociations - Amazon CloudFront


A complex type that specifies a list of Lambda@Edge functions associations for a cache behavior.

If you want to invoke one or more Lambda@Edge functions triggered by requests that match the PathPattern of the cache behavior, specify the applicable values for Quantity and Items. Note that there can be up to 4 LambdaFunctionAssociation items in this list (one for each possible value of EventType) and each EventType can be associated with only one function.

If you don't want to invoke any Lambda@Edge functions for the requests that match PathPattern, specify 0 for Quantity and omit Items.



The number of Lambda@Edge function associations for this cache behavior.

Type: Integer

Required: Yes


Optional: A complex type that contains LambdaFunctionAssociation items for this cache behavior. If Quantity is 0, you can omit Items.

Type: Array of LambdaFunctionAssociation objects

Required: No

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