ResponseHeadersPolicyConfig - Amazon CloudFront


A response headers policy configuration.

A response headers policy configuration contains metadata about the response headers policy, and configurations for sets of HTTP response headers.



A name to identify the response headers policy.

The name must be unique for response headers policies in this AWS account.

Type: String

Required: Yes


A comment to describe the response headers policy.

The comment cannot be longer than 128 characters.

Type: String

Required: No


A configuration for a set of HTTP response headers that are used for cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).

Type: ResponseHeadersPolicyCorsConfig object

Required: No


A configuration for a set of custom HTTP response headers.

Type: ResponseHeadersPolicyCustomHeadersConfig object

Required: No


A configuration for a set of HTTP headers to remove from the HTTP response.

Type: ResponseHeadersPolicyRemoveHeadersConfig object

Required: No


A configuration for a set of security-related HTTP response headers.

Type: ResponseHeadersPolicySecurityHeadersConfig object

Required: No


A configuration for enabling the Server-Timing header in HTTP responses sent from CloudFront.

Type: ResponseHeadersPolicyServerTimingHeadersConfig object

Required: No

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