Managing cloned clusters - AWS CloudHSM

Managing cloned clusters

Use CloudHSM Management Utility (CMU) to synchronize a cluster in a remote region, if the cluster in that region was originally created from the backup of a cluster in another region. Let's say you copied a cluster to another region (destination) and then later you want to synchronize changes from the original cluster (source). In scenarios like this, you use CMU to synchronize the clusters. You do this by creating a new CMU configuration file, specifying hardware security modules (HSM) from both clusters in the new file, and then using CMU to connect to the cluster with that file.

To use CMU across cloned clusters
  1. Create a copy of your current configuration file and change the name of the copy to something else.

    For example, use the following file locations to locate and create a copy of your current configuration file, then change the name of the copy from cloudhsm_mgmt_config.cfg to syncConfig.cfg.

    • Linux: /opt/cloudhsm/etc/cloudhsm_mgmt_config.cfg

    • Windows: C:\ProgramData\Amazon\CloudHSM\data\cloudhsm_mgmt_config.cfg

  2. In the renamed copy, add the Elastic Network Interface (ENI) IP of the destination HSM (the HSM in the foreign region that needs to be synced). We recommend that you add the destination HSM below the source HSM.

    { ... "servers": [ { ... "hostname": "<ENI Source IP>", ... }, { ... "hostname": "<ENI Destination IP>", ... } ] }

    For more information about how to get the IP address, see Get an IP address for an HSM.

  3. Initialize CMU with the new configuration file:

    $ /opt/cloudhsm/bin/cloudhsm_mgmt_util /opt/cloudhsm/etc/userSync.cfg
    C:\Program Files\Amazon\CloudHSM>cloudhsm_mgmt_util.exe C:\ProgramData\Amazon\CloudHSM\data\userSync.cfg
  4. Check the status messages returned to ensure that the CMU is connected to all desired HSMs and determine which of the returned ENI IPs corresponds to each cluster. Use syncUser and syncKey to manually synchronize users and keys. For more information, see syncUser and syncKey.

Get an IP address for an HSM

Use this section to obtain an IP address for an HSM.

To get an IP address for an HSM (console)
  1. Open the AWS CloudHSM console at

  2. To change the AWS Region, use the Region selector in the upper-right corner of the page.

  3. To open the cluster detail page, in the cluster table, choose the cluster ID.

  4. To get the IP address, on the HSMs tab, choose one of the IP addresses listed under ENI IP address.

To get an IP address for an HSM (CLI)
  • Get the IP address of an HSM by using the describe-clusters command from the CLI. In the output from the command, the IP address of the HSMs are the values of EniIp.

    $ aws cloudhsmv2 describe-clusters { "Clusters": [ { ... } "Hsms": [ { ... "EniIp": "", ... }, { ... "EniIp": "", ...