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The getHSMInfo command in cloudhsm_mgmt_util gets information about the hardware on which each HSM runs, including the model, serial number, FIPS state, memory, temperature, and the version numbers of the hardware and firmware. The information also includes the server ID that cloudhsm_mgmt_util uses to refer to the HSM.

Before you run any cloudhsm_mgmt_util command, you must start cloudhsm_mgmt_util and log in to the HSM. Be sure that you log in with the user account type that can run the commands you plan to use.

If you add or delete HSMs, update the configuration files that the AWS CloudHSM client and the command line tools use. Otherwise, the changes that you make might not be effective for all HSMs in the cluster.

User Type

The following types of users can run this command.

  • All users. You do not have to be logged in to run this command.


This command has no parameters.



This example uses getHSMInfo to get information about the HSMs in the cluster.

aws-cloudhsm> getHSMInfo Getting HSM Info on 3 nodes *** Server 0 HSM Info *** Label :cavium Model :NITROX-III CNN35XX-NFBE Serial Number :3.0A0101-ICM000001 HSM Flags :0 FIPS state :2 [FIPS mode with single factor authentication] Manufacturer ID : Device ID :10 Class Code :100000 System vendor ID :177D SubSystem ID :10 TotalPublicMemory :560596 FreePublicMemory :294568 TotalPrivateMemory :0 FreePrivateMemory :0 Hardware Major :3 Hardware Minor :0 Firmware Major :2 Firmware Minor :03 Temperature :56 C Build Number :13 Firmware ID :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ...

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