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The listAttributes command in cloudhsm_mgmt_util lists the attributes of an AWS CloudHSM key and the constants that represent them. You use these constants to identify the attributes in getAttribute and setAttribute commands.

For help interpreting the key attributes, see the Key Attribute Reference.

Before you run any key_mgmt_util command, you must start key_mgmt_util and log in to the HSM as a crypto user (CU).

User Type

The following users can run this command.

  • All users. You do not have to be logged in to run this command.


listAttributes [-h]


This command lists the key attributes that you can get and change in key_mgmt_util and the constants that represent them. For help interpreting the key attributes, see the Key Attribute Reference. To represent all attributes, use 512.

Command: listAttributes Description =========== The following are all of the possible attribute values for getAttribute. OBJ_ATTR_CLASS = 0 OBJ_ATTR_TOKEN = 1 OBJ_ATTR_PRIVATE = 2 OBJ_ATTR_LABEL = 3 OBJ_ATTR_KEY_TYPE = 256 OBJ_ATTR_ID = 258 OBJ_ATTR_SENSITIVE = 259 OBJ_ATTR_ENCRYPT = 260 OBJ_ATTR_DECRYPT = 261 OBJ_ATTR_WRAP = 262 OBJ_ATTR_UNWRAP = 263 OBJ_ATTR_SIGN = 264 OBJ_ATTR_VERIFY = 266 OBJ_ATTR_LOCAL = 355 OBJ_ATTR_MODULUS = 288 OBJ_ATTR_MODULUS_BITS = 289 OBJ_ATTR_PUBLIC_EXPONENT = 290 OBJ_ATTR_VALUE_LEN = 353 OBJ_ATTR_EXTRACTABLE = 354 OBJ_ATTR_KCV = 371



Displays help for the command.

Required: Yes

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