To create an admin - AWS CloudHSM

To create an admin

Follow these steps to create an admin.

  1. Use the following command to start CloudHSM CLI interactive mode.

    $ /opt/cloudhsm/bin/cloudhsm-cli interactive
    C:\Program Files\Amazon\CloudHSM\bin\> .\cloudhsm-cli.exe interactive
  2. Use the login command and log in to the cluster as the admin.

    aws-cloudhsm > login --username <USERNAME> --role admin
  3. The system prompts you for your password. Enter the password, and the output shows that the command was successful.

    Enter password: { "error_code": 0, "data": { "username": "admin", "role": "admin" } }
  4. Enter the following command to create an admin:

    aws-cloudhsm > user create --username <USERNAME> --role admin
  5. Enter the password for the new user.

  6. Re-enter the password to confirm the password you entered is correct.