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Deleting an AWS CloudHSM Cluster

Before you can delete a cluster, you must remove all HSMs from the cluster. For more information, see Removing an HSM.

After you remove all HSMs, you can delete a cluster by using the AWS CloudHSM console, the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), or the AWS CloudHSM API.

To delete a cluster (console)

  1. Open the AWS CloudHSM console at

  2. Choose the cluster that you are deleting. Then choose Delete cluster.

  3. Confirm that you want to delete the cluster, then choose Delete.

To delete a cluster (AWS CLI)

  • At a command prompt, issue the delete-cluster command, passing the ID of the cluster that you are deleting. If you don't know the cluster ID, issue the describe-clusters command.

    $ aws cloudhsmv2 delete-cluster --cluster-id <cluster ID> { "Cluster": { "Certificates": { "ClusterCertificate": "<certificate string>" }, "SourceBackupId": "backup-rtq2dwi2gq6", "SecurityGroup": "sg-40399d28", "CreateTimestamp": 1504903546.035, "SubnetMapping": { "us-east-2a": "subnet-f1d6e798", "us-east-2c": "subnet-0e358c43", "us-east-2b": "subnet-40ed9d3b" }, "ClusterId": "cluster-kdmrayrc7gi", "VpcId": "vpc-641d3c0d", "State": "DELETE_IN_PROGRESS", "HsmType": "hsm1.medium", "StateMessage": "The cluster is being deleted.", "Hsms": [], "BackupPolicy": "DEFAULT" } }

To delete a cluster (AWS CloudHSM API)

  • Send a DeleteCluster request, specifying the ID of the cluster that you are deleting.