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The exportPubKey command in key_mgmt_util exports a public key in an HSM to a file. You can use it to export public keys that you generate in an HSM. You can also use this command to export public keys that were imported into an HSM, such as those imported with the importPubKey command.

The exportPubKey operation copies the key material to a file that you specify. But it does not remove the key from the HSM, change its key attributes, or prevent you from using the key in further cryptographic operations. You can export the same key multiple times.

You can only export public keys that have a OBJ_ATTR_EXTRACTABLE value of 1. To find a key's attributes, use the getAttribute command.

Before you run any key_mgmt_util command, you must start key_mgmt_util and log in to the HSM as a crypto user (CU).


exportPubKey -h exportPubKey -k <public-key-handle -out <key-file>


This example shows how to use exportPubKey to export a public key from an HSM.

Example : Export a public key

This command exports a public key with handle 10 to a file called public.pem. When the command succeeds, exportPubKey returns a success message.

Command: exportPubKey -k 10 -out public.pem PEM formatted public key is written to public.pem Cfm3ExportPubKey returned: 0x00 : HSM Return: SUCCESS


This command takes the following parameters.


Displays command line help for the command.

Required: Yes


Specifies the key handle of the public key to be exported.

Required: Yes


Specifies the name of the file to which the exported public key will be written.

Required: Yes

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