help - AWS CloudHSM


The help command in key_mgmt_util displays information about all available key_mgmt_util commands.

Before you run help, you must start key_mgmt_util.




This example shows the output of the help command.

Command: help Help Commands Available: Syntax: <command> -h Command Description ======= =========== exit Exits this application help Displays this information Configuration and Admin Commands getHSMInfo Gets the HSM Information getPartitionInfo Gets the Partition Information listUsers Lists all users of a partition loginStatus Gets the Login Information loginHSM Login to the HSM logoutHSM Logout from the HSM M of N commands getToken Initiate an MxN service and get Token delToken delete Token(s) approveToken Approves an MxN service listTokens List all Tokens in the current partition Key Generation Commands Asymmetric Keys: genRSAKeyPair Generates an RSA Key Pair genDSAKeyPair Generates a DSA Key Pair genECCKeyPair Generates an ECC Key Pair Symmetric Keys: genPBEKey Generates a PBE DES3 key genSymKey Generates a Symmetric keys Key Import/Export Commands createPublicKey Creates an RSA public key importPubKey Imports RSA/DSA/EC Public key exportPubKey Exports RSA/DSA/EC Public key importPrivateKey Imports RSA/DSA/EC private key exportPrivateKey Exports RSA/DSA/EC private key imSymKey Imports a Symmetric key exSymKey Exports a Symmetric key wrapKey Wraps a key from from HSM using the specified handle unWrapKey UnWraps a key into HSM using the specified handle Key Management Commands deleteKey Delete Key setAttribute Sets an attribute of an object getKeyInfo Get Key Info about shared users/sessions findKey Find Key findSingleKey Find single Key getAttribute Reads an attribute from an object Certificate Setup Commands getCert Gets Partition Certificates stored on HSM Key Transfer Commands insertMaskedObject Inserts a masked object extractMaskedObject Extracts a masked object Management Crypto Commands sign Generates a signature verify Verifies a signature aesWrapUnwrap Does NIST AES Wrap/Unwrap Helper Commands Error2String Converts Error codes to Strings save key handle in fake PEM format getCaviumPrivKey Saves an RSA private key handle in fake PEM format IsValidKeyHandlefile Checks if private key file has an HSM key handle or a real key listAttributes List all attributes for getAttributes listECCCurveIds List HSM supported ECC CurveIds


There are no parameters for this command.

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