Error seen during key availability check - AWS CloudHSM

Error seen during key availability check

Problem: An HSM is returning the following error:

Key <KEY HANDLE> does not meet the availability requirements - The key must be available on at least 2 HSMs before being used.

Cause: Key availability checks look for keys that, under rare but possible conditions, could be lost. This error usually occurs in clusters with only one HSM or in clusters with two HSMs during a period in which one of them is being replaced. In these situations, the following customer operations likely prompted the above error:

Resolution/recommendation: Choose from the following actions to prevent this error from occurring:

  • Use the --disable-key-availability-check parameter to set key availability to false in the configure file of your configure tool. For more information, see the Parameters section of the Configure tool.

  • If using a cluster with two HSMs, avoid using the operations that prompted the error, except during initialization code.

  • Increase the amount of HSMs in your cluster to at least three.