Retrieving Client Configuration Logs - AWS CloudHSM

Retrieving Client Configuration Logs

The client log script gathers important environmental information about your operating system, AWS CloudHSM cluster, active or inactive HSMs, and local configuration files. When you open a case to request assistance with your application, this information helps AWS understand your setup and issue, and helps us troubleshoot your issue faster.

The script extracts the following information:

  • Operating system and its current version

  • Client configuration information from cloudhsm_client.cfg, cloudhsm_mgmt_util.cfg, and application.cfg files

  • Client logs from the location specific to the platform

  • Cluster and HSM information by using cloudhsm_mgmt_util

  • OpenSSL information

  • Current client and build version

  • Installer version

Running the Client Log Script

The script creates an output file with all the gathered information. You can specify the directory path, where you want to add the output file, as an output parameter in the command. The directory path must have the appropriate write access. Alternatively, you can run the script without specifying the directory path. In such case, the script creates the output file inside the temp directory.

Linux: /opt/cloudhsm/bin/client_info -output

Windows: C:\Program Files\Amazon\CloudHSM\client_info -output

Replace the output parameter with the directory path where you want to create the output file.