Step 2: Upload Data to Amazon CloudSearch for Indexing - Amazon CloudSearch

Step 2: Upload Data to Amazon CloudSearch for Indexing

You upload the data you want to search to your domain so that Amazon CloudSearch can build and deploy a searchable index. To be indexed by Amazon CloudSearch, the data must be formatted in either JSON or XML. The Amazon CloudSearch console can automatically convert the following file types to the required format:

  • Document batches formatted in JSON or XML (.json, .xml)

  • Comma Separated Value (.csv)

  • Text Documents (.txt)

When you upload a CSV file, Amazon CloudSearch parses each row separately. The first row defines the document fields, and each subsequent row becomes a separate document. For all other file types Amazon CloudSearch creates a single document and the contents of the file are mapped to a single text field. If metadata is available for the file, the metadata is mapped to corresponding document fields—the fields generated from the document metadata vary depending on the file type.

The sample IMDb movies data is already formatted in JSON.

This tutorial shows how to submit data through the Amazon CloudSearch console, but you can also convert and upload documents with the command line tools, and upload documents using the documents/batch resource. (To upload more than 5 MB of data, you must use the command line tools or API.)

To upload the sample data to your movies domain
  1. Go to the Amazon CloudSearch console at

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Domains. Choose the name of your movies domain to view the domain dashboard.

  3. Choose Actions, Upload documents.

  4. Select Sample data and choose IMDb movies (demo) from the dropown.

  5. Choose Next.

  6. Review the upload summary and choose Upload documents to send the data to your domain for indexing.


    To see how the data is formatted, choose Download the generated document batch. For more information about preparing your own data, see Preparing Your Data.

You now have a fully functional Amazon CloudSearch domain that you can start searching. Updates are applied continuously in the order they are received, so you can start searching your domain right away.