Getting Results as XML in Amazon CloudSearch - Amazon CloudSearch

Getting Results as XML in Amazon CloudSearch

By default, Amazon CloudSearch search responses are formatted in JSON. To get results as XML, specify the query parameter format=xml in your search request:

search?q=star wars&return=_no_fields&format=xml

Search responses formatted in XML contain exactly the same information as a JSON response:

<results> <status rid="3abhhs8oEAqMHnk=" time-ms="2"/> <hits found="9" start="0"> <hit id="tt0076759"/> <hit id="tt0086190"/> <hit id="tt0121766"/> <hit id="tt2488496"/> <hit id="tt1408101"/> <hit id="tt0489049"/> <hit id="tt0120915"/> <hit id="tt0080684"/> <hit id="tt0121765"/> </hits> </results>

For detailed information about the JSON and XML response formats for search requests, see Search Response.