Amazon CloudSearch
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-01-01)

Searching for Numbers in Amazon CloudSearch

You can use structured queries to search any search enabled numeric field for a particular value or range of values. Amazon CloudSearch supports four numeric field types: double, double-array, int, and int-array. For more information, see configure indexing options.

The basic syntax for searching a field for a single value is FIELD:VALUE. For example, year:2010 searches the sample movie data for movies released in 2010.

You must use the structured query parser to use the field syntax. Note that numeric values are not enclosed in quotes—quotes designate a value as a string. To search for a range of values, use a comma (,) to separate the upper and lower bounds, and enclose the range using brackets or braces. For more information, see Searching for a Range of Values.

In a compound query, you use the term operator syntax to search for a single value: (term field=year 2010).