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template-create-codestar-toolchain-codecommit.yml provides a CloudFormation template that creates a CodeStar project toolchain with a CodePipeline pipeline, a CodeCommit source, and a CloudFormation deployment. This template also creates the CloudWatch Events rule for detecting push events.

# Copyright 2010-2019 Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. # # This file is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"). # You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. A copy of # the License is located at # # http://aws.amazon.com/apache2.0/ # # This file is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR # CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the # specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. AWSTemplateFormatVersion: 2010-09-09 Description: My custom toolchain Parameters: # You can provide these parameters in your CreateProject API call. ProjectId: Description: Name of your application. Type: String Resources: CodeCommitRepo: Description: Creating AWS CodeCommit repository for application source code Properties: RepositoryDescription: !Sub "${ProjectId} repository" RepositoryName: !Ref ProjectId Type: AWS::CodeCommit::Repository # Each AWS CodeBuild project requires a role for AWS CodeBuild to operate on your code. CodeBuildRole: Description: Creating service role in IAM for AWS CodeBuild Properties: AssumeRolePolicyDocument: Statement: - Action: sts:AssumeRole Effect: Allow Principal: Service: codebuild.amazonaws.com Path: / RoleName: !Sub "CodeStarWorker-${ProjectId}-CodeBuild" Type: AWS::IAM::Role # This minimal set of permissions lets AWS CodeBuild retrieve your encrypted code artifact from Amazon S3 # and store its logs in Amazon CloudWatch Logs. CodeBuildPolicy: Description: Setting IAM policy for AWS CodeBuild role Properties: PolicyDocument: Statement: - Action: - logs:* - s3:* - kms:GenerateDataKey* - kms:Encrypt - kms:Decrypt Effect: Allow Resource: '*' PolicyName: CodeStarWorkerCodeBuildPolicy Roles: - !Ref 'CodeBuildRole' Type: AWS::IAM::Policy CodeBuildProject: DependsOn: - CodeBuildPolicy Properties: Artifacts: Packaging: zip Type: codepipeline Description: !Sub "AWS CodeStar created CodeBuild Project for ${ProjectId}" Environment: ComputeType: small # This environment variable informs AWS CodeBuild where it can retrieve your code artifact. # You can specify any other environment variables your buildspec.yml is looking for. EnvironmentVariables: - Name: S3_BUCKET Value: !Ref 'S3Bucket' # Replace this Docker image if necessary: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/codebuild/latest/userguide/build-env-ref-available.html Image: aws/codebuild/eb-nodejs-6.10.0-amazonlinux-64:4.0.0 Type: LINUX_CONTAINER Name: !Ref 'ProjectId' ServiceRole: !Ref 'CodeBuildRole' Source: Type: codepipeline Type: AWS::CodeBuild::Project # If your pipeline will create resources through AWS CloudFormation as well as deploy your source code, # then specify a role for AWS CloudFormation to use. These permissions dictate which runtime resources # AWS CloudFormation can create and modify on your behalf. CloudFormationTrustRole: Description: Creating service role in IAM for AWS CloudFormation Properties: AssumeRolePolicyDocument: Statement: - Action: sts:AssumeRole Effect: Allow Principal: Service: - cloudformation.amazonaws.com Path: / Policies: - PolicyDocument: Statement: - Action: - codestar:* - s3:* - lambda:* - dynamodb:* - kinesis:* - cloudformation:* - sns:* - config:* - iam:* - apigateway:* Effect: Allow Resource: '*' PolicyName: CloudFormationRolePolicy RoleName: !Sub "CodeStarWorker-${ProjectId}-CFRole" Type: AWS::IAM::Role # This policy is applied to the Amazon S3 bucket that AWS CodePipeline will use as your artifact store. S3ArtifactBucketPolicy: Description: Setting Amazon S3 bucket policy for AWS CodePipeline access Properties: Bucket: !Ref 'S3Bucket' PolicyDocument: Id: SSEAndSSLPolicy Statement: - Action: - s3:GetObject - s3:GetObjectVersion - s3:GetBucketVersioning Condition: Bool: aws:SecureTransport: false Effect: Allow Principal: AWS: - !GetAtt 'CodePipelineTrustRole.Arn' # AWS CodeBuild retrieves the source code from the artifact bucket. - !GetAtt 'CodeBuildRole.Arn' # AWS CloudFormation retrieves a template file from this bucket to create # the runtime resources. - !GetAtt 'CloudFormationTrustRole.Arn' Resource: - !Sub 'arn:aws:s3:::${S3Bucket}' - !Sub 'arn:aws:s3:::${S3Bucket}/*' Sid: WhitelistedGet - Action: - s3:PutObject Effect: Allow Principal: AWS: - !GetAtt 'CodePipelineTrustRole.Arn' - !GetAtt 'CodeBuildRole.Arn' Resource: - !Sub 'arn:aws:s3:::${S3Bucket}' - !Sub 'arn:aws:s3:::${S3Bucket}/*' Sid: WhitelistedPut Version: 2012-10-17 Type: AWS::S3::BucketPolicy S3Bucket: DeletionPolicy: Retain Description: Creating Amazon S3 bucket for AWS CodePipeline artifacts Properties: BucketName: !Sub "aws-codestar-${AWS::Region}-${AWS::AccountId}-${ProjectId}" Tags: - Key: Name Value: !Sub "${ProjectId}-S3Bucket" VersioningConfiguration: Status: Enabled Type: AWS::S3::Bucket CodePipelineTrustRole: Description: Creating service role in IAM for AWS CodePipeline Properties: AssumeRolePolicyDocument: Statement: - Action: sts:AssumeRole Effect: Allow Principal: Service: - codepipeline.amazonaws.com Sid: 1 Path: / Policies: - PolicyDocument: Statement: # Your pipeline will generally need permissions to store and retrieve artifacts in Amazon S3. # It will also need permissions to detect changes to your repository, start # a build against your AWS CodeBuild project, and create an AWS CloudFormation stack # containing your runtime resources. - Action: - s3:* - codecommit:* - codebuild:* - cloudformation:* Effect: Allow Resource: '*' # If your pipeline will not create AWS CloudFormation stacks, remove # the following action. - Action: - iam:PassRole Effect: Allow Resource: - !GetAtt 'CloudFormationTrustRole.Arn' PolicyName: CodeStarWorkerCodePipelineRolePolicy RoleName: !Sub "CodeStarWorker-${ProjectId}-CodePipeline" Type: AWS::IAM::Role # This sample pipeline contains three Stages: Source, Build, and Deploy. # The Source stage contains a single action that picks up changes from your repository. # The Build stage executes your AWS CodeBuild project. # The Deploy stage contains two actions: # The first action either creates a new stack / changeset containing your runtime resources. # The second action executes the changeset made in the previous action. ProjectPipeline: # The pipeline should only be created once all the resources it links to have been created. # This includes the AWS CodePipeline service role, the artifact bucket, the AWS CodeBuild build projectTemplateId, # and the role it will pass to AWS CloudFormation to create stacks. DependsOn: - CodePipelineTrustRole - S3Bucket - CodeBuildProject - CloudFormationTrustRole Description: Creating a deployment pipeline for your project in AWS CodePipeline Properties: ArtifactStore: Location: !Ref 'S3Bucket' Type: S3 Name: !Sub "${ProjectId}-Pipeline" RoleArn: !GetAtt 'CodePipelineTrustRole.Arn' Stages: - Actions: - ActionTypeId: Category: Source Owner: AWS Provider: CodeCommit Version: 1 Configuration: BranchName: master PollForSourceChanges: false RepositoryName: !Ref 'ProjectId' InputArtifacts: [] Name: ApplicationSource OutputArtifacts: - Name: !Sub "${ProjectId}-SourceArtifact" RunOrder: 1 Name: Source - Actions: - ActionTypeId: Category: Build Owner: AWS Provider: CodeBuild Version: 1 Configuration: ProjectName: !Ref 'ProjectId' InputArtifacts: - Name: !Sub "${ProjectId}-SourceArtifact" Name: PackageExport OutputArtifacts: - Name: !Sub "${ProjectId}-BuildArtifact" RunOrder: 1 Name: Build - Actions: - ActionTypeId: Category: Deploy Owner: AWS Provider: CloudFormation Version: 1 Configuration: ActionMode: CHANGE_SET_REPLACE Capabilities: CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM ChangeSetName: pipeline-changeset RoleArn: !GetAtt 'CloudFormationTrustRole.Arn' StackName: !Sub "awscodestar-${ProjectId}-lambda" # These are the parameters that will be set in your AWS CloudFormation stack. ParameterOverrides: !Sub '{"ProjectId":"${ProjectId}"}' # Our sample AWS CodeBuild project uses the following yml file to run a build, # and then AWS CodeBuild places the file into the build artifact. # Modify this line to point to a different yml file you want AWS CodeBuild to use. TemplatePath: !Sub "${ProjectId}-BuildArtifact::template-export.yml" Name: GenerateChangeSet InputArtifacts: - Name: !Sub "${ProjectId}-BuildArtifact" OutputArtifacts: [] RunOrder: 1 - ActionTypeId: Category: Deploy Owner: AWS Provider: CloudFormation Version: 1 Configuration: ActionMode: CHANGE_SET_EXECUTE ChangeSetName: pipeline-changeset StackName: !Sub "awscodestar-${ProjectId}-lambda" InputArtifacts: [] Name: ExecuteChangeSet OutputArtifacts: [] RunOrder: 2 Name: Deploy Type: AWS::CodePipeline::Pipeline # This Amazon CloudWatch event rule ensures that AWS CodePipeline detects changes to your AWS CodeCommit repository # and starts your pipeline automatically. # To learn more, see the AWS CodePipeline documentation: # https://docs.aws.amazon.com/codepipeline/latest/userguide/triggering.html SourceEvent: Properties: Description: Rule for Amazon CloudWatch Events to detect changes to the source repository and trigger pipeline execution EventPattern: detail: event: - referenceCreated - referenceUpdated referenceName: - master referenceType: - branch detail-type: - CodeCommit Repository State Change resources: - !GetAtt 'CodeCommitRepo.Arn' source: - aws.codecommit Name: !Sub "awscodestar-${ProjectId}-SourceEvent" State: ENABLED Targets: - Arn: !Sub 'arn:aws:codepipeline:${AWS::Region}:${AWS::AccountId}:${ProjectId}-Pipeline' Id: ProjectPipelineTarget RoleArn: !GetAtt 'SourceEventRole.Arn' Type: AWS::Events::Rule SourceEventRole: Description: IAM role to allow Amazon CloudWatch Events to trigger AWS CodePipeline execution Properties: AssumeRolePolicyDocument: Statement: - Action: sts:AssumeRole Effect: Allow Principal: Service: - events.amazonaws.com Sid: 1 Policies: - PolicyDocument: Statement: - Action: - codepipeline:StartPipelineExecution Effect: Allow Resource: - !Sub "arn:aws:codepipeline:${AWS::Region}:${AWS::AccountId}:${ProjectId}-Pipeline" PolicyName: CodeStarWorkerCloudWatchEventPolicy RoleName: !Sub "CodeStarWorker-${ProjectId}-event-rule" Type: AWS::IAM::Role

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Service: codestar

Last tested: 2018-10-10

Author: AWS

Type: full-example