SendMessage.go - AWS Code Sample


// Copyright, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. // SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT-0 package main import ( "flag" "fmt" "" "" "" "" ) const ( // Subject is the subject line for the email Subject = "Amazon SES Test (AWS SDK for Go)" // HTMLBody is the HTML body for the email HTMLBody = "<h1>Amazon SES Test Email (AWS SDK for Go)</h1><p>This email was sent with " + "<a href=''>Amazon SES</a> using the " + "<a href=''>AWS SDK for Go</a>.</p>" // TextBody is the email body for recipients with non-HTML email clients TextBody = "This email was sent with Amazon SES using the AWS SDK for Go." // CharSet is the character encoding for the email CharSet = "UTF-8" ) // SendMsg sends an email message to an Amazon SES recipient // Inputs: // svc is the Amazon SES service client // sender is the email address in the From field // recipient is the email address in the To field // Output: // If success, nil // Otherwise, an error from the call to SendEmail func SendMsg(svc sesiface.SESAPI, sender, recipient *string) error { _, err := svc.SendEmail(&ses.SendEmailInput{ Destination: &ses.Destination{ CcAddresses: []*string{}, ToAddresses: []*string{ recipient, }, }, Message: &ses.Message{ Body: &ses.Body{ Html: &ses.Content{ Charset: aws.String(CharSet), Data: aws.String(HTMLBody), }, Text: &ses.Content{ Charset: aws.String(CharSet), Data: aws.String(TextBody), }, }, Subject: &ses.Content{ Charset: aws.String(CharSet), Data: aws.String(Subject), }, }, Source: sender, }) return err } func main() { sender := flag.String("t", "", "The email address for the 'From' field") recipient := flag.String("t", "", "The email address for the 'To' field") subject := flag.String("s", "Amazon SES Test (AWS SDK for Go)", "The text for the 'Subject' field") flag.Parse() if *sender == "" || *recipient == "" || *subject == "" { fmt.Println("You must supply an email address for the sender and recipient, and a subject") fmt.Println("-f SENDER -t RECIPIENT -s SUBJECT") return } sess := session.Must(session.NewSessionWithOptions(session.Options{ SharedConfigState: session.SharedConfigEnable, })) svc := ses.New(sess) err := SendMsg(svc, sender, recipient) if err != nil { fmt.Println("Got an error sending message:") fmt.Println(err.Error()) return } fmt.Println("Email sent to address: " + *recipient) }