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StartSpeechSynthesisTask demonstrates how to synthesize a long speech and store it directly in an Amazon S3 bucket..

/** * Copyright 2010-2019, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. * * This file is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"). * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. A copy of * the License is located at * * * * This file is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR * CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the * specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. */ package com.amazonaws.parrot.service.tests.speech.task; import com.amazonaws.parrot.service.tests.AbstractParrotServiceTest; import; import*; import org.awaitility.Duration; import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit; import static org.awaitility.Awaitility.await; public class StartSpeechSynthesisTaskSample { private static final int SYNTHESIS_TASK_TIMEOUT_SECONDS = 300; private static final AmazonPolly AMAZON_POLLY_CLIENT = AmazonPollyClientBuilder.defaultClient(); private static final String PLAIN_TEXT = "This is a sample text to be synthesized."; private static final String OUTPUT_FORMAT_MP3 = OutputFormat.Mp3.toString(); private static final String OUTPUT_BUCKET = "synth-books-buckets"; private static final String SNS_TOPIC_ARN = "arn:aws:sns:eu-west-2:561828872312:synthesize-finish-topic"; private static final Duration SYNTHESIS_TASK_POLL_INTERVAL = Duration.FIVE_SECONDS; private static final Duration SYNTHESIS_TASK_POLL_DELAY = Duration.TEN_SECONDS; public static void main(String... args) { StartSpeechSynthesisTaskRequest request = new StartSpeechSynthesisTaskRequest() .withOutputFormat(OUTPUT_FORMAT_MP3) .withText(PLAIN_TEXT) .withTextType(TextType.Text) .withVoiceId(VoiceId.Amy) .withOutputS3BucketName(OUTPUT_BUCKET) .withSnsTopicArn(SNS_TOPIC_ARN); StartSpeechSynthesisTaskResult result = AMAZON_POLLY_CLIENT.startSpeechSynthesisTask(request); String taskId = result.getSynthesisTask().getTaskId(); await().with() .pollInterval(SYNTHESIS_TASK_POLL_INTERVAL) .pollDelay(SYNTHESIS_TASK_POLL_DELAY) .atMost(SYNTHESIS_TASK_TIMEOUT_SECONDS, TimeUnit.SECONDS) .until( () -> getSynthesisTaskStatus(taskId).equals(TaskStatus.Completed.toString()) ); } private static SynthesisTask getSynthesisTask(String taskId) { GetSpeechSynthesisTaskRequest getSpeechSynthesisTaskRequest = new GetSpeechSynthesisTaskRequest() .withTaskId(taskId); GetSpeechSynthesisTaskResult result =AMAZON_POLLY_CLIENT.getSpeechSynthesisTask(getSpeechSynthesisTaskRequest); return result.getSynthesisTask(); } private static String getSynthesisTaskStatus(String taskId) { GetSpeechSynthesisTaskRequest getSpeechSynthesisTaskRequest = new GetSpeechSynthesisTaskRequest() .withTaskId(taskId); GetSpeechSynthesisTaskResult result =AMAZON_POLLY_CLIENT.getSpeechSynthesisTask(getSpeechSynthesisTaskRequest); return result.getSynthesisTask().getTaskStatus(); } }

Sample Details

Service: polly

Last tested: 2019-01-31

Author: AWS

Type: full-example

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