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//Loads document from S3 bucket. Displays the document and polygon around detected lines of text. package com.amazonaws.samples; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.image.BufferedImage; import java.util.List; import javax.imageio.ImageIO; import javax.swing.*; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import com.amazonaws.client.builder.AwsClientBuilder.EndpointConfiguration; public class AnalyzeDocument extends JPanel { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; BufferedImage image; AnalyzeDocumentResult result; public AnalyzeDocument(AnalyzeDocumentResult documentResult, BufferedImage bufImage) throws Exception { super(); result = documentResult; // Results of text detection. image = bufImage; // The image containing the document. } // Draws the image and text bounding box. public void paintComponent(Graphics g) { int height = image.getHeight(this); int width = image.getWidth(this); Graphics2D g2d = (Graphics2D) g; // Create a Java2D version of g. // Draw the image. g2d.drawImage(image, 0, 0, image.getWidth(this), image.getHeight(this), this); // Iterate through blocks and display bounding boxes around everything. List<Block> blocks = result.getBlocks(); for (Block block : blocks) { DisplayBlockInfo(block); switch(block.getBlockType()) { case "KEY_VALUE_SET": if (block.getEntityTypes().contains("KEY")){ ShowBoundingBox(height, width, block.getGeometry().getBoundingBox(), g2d, new Color(255,0,0)); } else { //VALUE ShowBoundingBox(height, width, block.getGeometry().getBoundingBox(), g2d, new Color(0,255,0)); } break; case "TABLE": ShowBoundingBox(height, width, block.getGeometry().getBoundingBox(), g2d, new Color(0,0,255)); break; case "CELL": ShowBoundingBox(height, width, block.getGeometry().getBoundingBox(), g2d, new Color(255,255,0)); break; default: //PAGE, LINE & WORD //ShowBoundingBox(height, width, block.getGeometry().getBoundingBox(), g2d, new Color(200,200,0)); } } // uncomment to show polygon around all blocks //ShowPolygon(height,width,block.getGeometry().getPolygon(),g2d); } // Show bounding box at supplied location. private void ShowBoundingBox(int imageHeight, int imageWidth, BoundingBox box, Graphics2D g2d, Color color) { float left = imageWidth * box.getLeft(); float top = imageHeight * box.getTop(); // Display bounding box. g2d.setColor(color); g2d.drawRect(Math.round(left), Math.round(top), Math.round(imageWidth * box.getWidth()), Math.round(imageHeight * box.getHeight())); } // Shows polygon at supplied location private void ShowPolygon(int imageHeight, int imageWidth, List<Point> points, Graphics2D g2d) { g2d.setColor(new Color(0, 0, 0)); Polygon polygon = new Polygon(); // Construct polygon and display for (Point point : points) { polygon.addPoint((Math.round(point.getX() * imageWidth)), Math.round(point.getY() * imageHeight)); } g2d.drawPolygon(polygon); } //Displays information from a block returned by text detection and text analysis private void DisplayBlockInfo(Block block) { System.out.println("Block Id : " + block.getId()); if (block.getText()!=null) System.out.println(" Detected text: " + block.getText()); System.out.println(" Type: " + block.getBlockType()); if (block.getBlockType().equals("PAGE") !=true) { System.out.println(" Confidence: " + block.getConfidence().toString()); } if(block.getBlockType().equals("CELL")) { System.out.println(" Cell information:"); System.out.println(" Column: " + block.getColumnIndex()); System.out.println(" Row: " + block.getRowIndex()); System.out.println(" Column span: " + block.getColumnSpan()); System.out.println(" Row span: " + block.getRowSpan()); } System.out.println(" Relationships"); List<Relationship> relationships=block.getRelationships(); if(relationships!=null) { for (Relationship relationship : relationships) { System.out.println(" Type: " + relationship.getType()); System.out.println(" IDs: " + relationship.getIds().toString()); } } else { System.out.println(" No related Blocks"); } System.out.println(" Geometry"); System.out.println(" Bounding Box: " + block.getGeometry().getBoundingBox().toString()); System.out.println(" Polygon: " + block.getGeometry().getPolygon().toString()); List<String> entityTypes = block.getEntityTypes(); System.out.println(" Entity Types"); if(entityTypes!=null) { for (String entityType : entityTypes) { System.out.println(" Entity Type: " + entityType); } } else { System.out.println(" No entity type"); } if(block.getPage()!=null) System.out.println(" Page: " + block.getPage()); System.out.println(); } public static void main(String arg[]) throws Exception { // The S3 bucket and document String document = ""; String bucket = ""; AmazonS3 s3client = AmazonS3ClientBuilder.standard() .withEndpointConfiguration( new EndpointConfiguration("","us-east-1")) .build(); // Get the document from S3 s3object = s3client.getObject(bucket, document); S3ObjectInputStream inputStream = s3object.getObjectContent(); BufferedImage image =; // Call AnalyzeDocument EndpointConfiguration endpoint = new EndpointConfiguration( "", "us-east-1"); AmazonTextract client = AmazonTextractClientBuilder.standard() .withEndpointConfiguration(endpoint).build(); AnalyzeDocumentRequest request = new AnalyzeDocumentRequest() .withFeatureTypes("TABLES","FORMS") .withDocument(new Document(). withS3Object(new S3Object().withName(document).withBucket(bucket))); AnalyzeDocumentResult result = client.analyzeDocument(request); // Create frame and panel. JFrame frame = new JFrame("RotateImage"); frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); AnalyzeDocument panel = new AnalyzeDocument(result, image); panel.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(image.getWidth(), image.getHeight())); frame.setContentPane(panel); frame.pack(); frame.setVisible(true); } }

Sample Details

Service: textract

Last tested: 2019-04-11

Author: reesch(AWS)

Type: full-example

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