create-and-attach-policy.ts - AWS Code Sample


/* Copyright, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 ABOUT THIS NODE.JS EXAMPLE: This example works with AWS SDK for JavaScript version 3 (v3), which is pending release. The preview version of the SDK is available at This example is in the 'AWS SDK for JavaScript v3 Developer Guide' at Purpose: create-cognito-id-pool.ts is part of a tutorial demonstrating how to build and deploy an app to submit data to an Amazon DynamoDB table. To run the full tutorial, see create_and_attach_policy.ts demonstrates how to create an IAM policy that provides permission to publish Amazon SNS messages, add items the table, and read access to Amazon S3. It then attaches this policy to an IAM role. Inputs (replace in code): - BUCKET_NAME - POLICY_NAME - ROLE_NAME Running the code: node create_and_attach_policy.js */ // Import required AWS SDK clients and commands for Node.js const { IAMClient, AttachRolePolicyCommand, CreatePolicyCommand, } = require("@aws-sdk/client-iam"); // Set the AWS Region const REGION = "REGION"; //e.g. "us-east-1" const bucketName = "BUCKET_NAME"; const myManagedPolicy = { Version: "2012-10-17", Statement: [ { Sid: "VisualEditor0", Effect: "Allow", Action: ["sns:Publish", "dynamodb:PutItem"], Resource: "*", }, { Sid: "VisualEditor1", Effect: "Allow", Action: "s3:GetObject", Resource: "arn:aws:s3:::" + bucketName + "/*", }, ], }; const params = { PolicyDocument: JSON.stringify(myManagedPolicy), PolicyName: "POLICY_NAME", }; // Create the IAM service object var iam = new IAMClient({}); const run = async () => { try { // Create the IAM policy const data = await iam.send(new CreatePolicyCommand(params)); console.log("Policy created", data.Policy.Arn); const policy = data.Policy.Arn; try { // Set the parameters for attaching the IAM policy to an IAM role const attachParams = { PolicyArn: policy, RoleName: "ROLE_NAME", }; // Attach the IAM policy to a role const data = await iam.send(new AttachRolePolicyCommand(attachParams)); console.log("Policy attached successfully"); } catch (err) { console.log("Unable to attach policy to role", err); } } catch (err) { console.log("Error", err); } }; run(); // For unit tests only = run();