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To run this Java (SDK V2) code example, ensure that you have set up your development environment, including your credentials. For more information, see AWS SDK for Java 2.x Developer Guide.

<!DOCTYPE html> <html xmlns:th="" xmlns:sec=""> <head th:fragment="site-head"> <meta charset="UTF-8" /> <link rel="icon" href="../public/img/favicon.ico" th:href="@{/img/favicon.ico}" /> <script th:src="||"></script> <meta th:include="this :: head" th:remove="tag"/> </head> <body> <!-- th:hef calls a controller method - which returns the view --> <header th:fragment="site-header"> <a href="index.html" th:href="@{/}"><img src="../public/img/site-logo.png" th:src="@{/img/site-logo.png}" /></a> <a href="#" style="color: white" th:href="@{/}">Home</a> <a href="#" style="color: white" th:href="@{/add}">Add Items</a> <a href="#" style="color: white" th:href="@{/items}">Get Items</a> <div id="logged-in-info"> <form method="post" th:action="@{/logout}"> <input type="submit" value="Logout"/> </form> </div> </header> <h1>Welcome</h1> <body> <p>Welcome to AWS DynamoDB Item Tracker.</p> </body> </html>