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package com.example.workdocs; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; public class list_user_docs { private static String get_user_folder(WorkDocsClient workDocs, String orgId, String user) throws Exception { List<User> wdUsers = new ArrayList<>(); String marker = null; do { DescribeUsersResponse result; if(marker == null) { DescribeUsersRequest request = DescribeUsersRequest.builder() .organizationId(orgId) .query(user) .build(); result = workDocs.describeUsers(request); } else { DescribeUsersRequest request = DescribeUsersRequest.builder() .organizationId(orgId) .query(user) .marker(marker) .build(); result = workDocs.describeUsers(request); } wdUsers.addAll(result.users()); marker = result.marker(); } while (marker != null); for (User wdUser : wdUsers) { return wdUser.rootFolderId(); } return ""; } public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { // Based on WorkDocs dev guide code at final String USAGE = "\n" + "To run this example, supply your organization ID and a user email\n" + "\n" + "Ex: list_user_docs <organizationId> <useremail>\n"; if (args.length < 2) { System.out.println(USAGE); System.exit(1); } String orgId = args[0]; String userEmail = args[1]; // Use the default client. Look at Window, Preferences, AWS Toolkit to see the values WorkDocsClient workDocs = WorkDocsClient.create(); String folderId = get_user_folder(workDocs, orgId, userEmail); DescribeFolderContentsRequest dfc_request = DescribeFolderContentsRequest.builder().folderId(folderId).build(); DescribeFolderContentsResponse result = workDocs.describeFolderContents(dfc_request); List<DocumentMetadata> userDocs = new ArrayList<>(); userDocs.addAll(result.documents()); System.out.println("Docs for user " + userEmail + ":"); System.out.println(""); for (DocumentMetadata doc: userDocs) { DocumentVersionMetadata md = doc.latestVersionMetadata(); System.out.println("Name: " +; System.out.println("Size (bytes): " + md.size()); System.out.println("Last modified: " + md.modifiedTimestamp()); System.out.println("Doc ID: " +; System.out.println(""); } } }

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